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Joe Tatelbaum, Founder 

Joe Tatelbaum owned and managed a glove and garment manufacturing business. He arrived in China in 1982 as a student and then ended up living in China for nearly 35 years. Joe served on the Board of the Jane Goodall Institute in China and helped to establish several programs in good stewardship in schools and clubs throughout China. One of those programs is the Million Tree Project (The Million Tree Project | Shanghai Roots & Shoots (, through which students have planted millions of trees in Inner Mongolia and Ningxia provinces in China.


At the same time, Joe has been investing in startup companies and has been lucky enough to have supported a few that became unicorns. Over the last several years, Joe has focused his investing on earth-nurturing businesses as he sees the success of these businesses as necessary for humanity’s long term survival, but also as a means to profit from a significant shift in global business practices.


In addition to his ongoing work with Jane Goodall, Joe supports the Ocean Conservancy and several University researchers trying to figure out how to undo some of the messes that mankind has made. Joe has an ongoing relationship with Phillips Academy, Andover and believes in supporting his school and it’s potential for being a force for good in the world.

Joe has been a member of YPO (Young Presidents Organization) for many years. Among his many activities within the organization, Joe facilitates Legacy Creation Sessions, where he helps members to chart their own dreams and to leave behind positive ripples. 

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