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GreatWonder Investments

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GreatWonder Farm

Livingston, NY

Greatwonder Farms, in Livingston, NY, is a robust, 127 acre agroforestry project that aims to profit from growing high value crops using earth-nurturing methods.

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AgFunder invests in exceptional and bold entrepreneurs who are aiming to build the next generation of great agriculture and food technology companies.

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Mad Ag Perennial Fund

The Perennial Fund offers a new type of loan to help farmers expand certified-organic acreage using regenerative practices. 

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GO Lab, Inc. develops and manufactures wood fiber insulation for the residential and light commercial construction markets.



A Soil Health Company.          With passionate conviction MyLand believes that healthy soil gives us healthy food, healthy people, and a healthy planet.


GreatWonder Farm

Lexington, TN

Coming Soon!

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